Scaling Computer Science For The New World

Students have such potential. Instructors hold so much wisdom. Mimir not only accelerates learning, it makes the learning more efficient, more fun. By helping instructors overcome so many tedious tasks, there’s more time for sharing expertise and advice.

We Believe in Education

You know there’s more to computing than simply learning code. We love enabling the broad education and personal growth University classrooms provide, while pushing computer science into hyper drive.

Mimir Classroom

From automated code grading to proprietary plagiarism algorithms, we love saving you time. Get back to the students and research you love. Leave the tedious triple checking to us.

Automated Code Grading

You rock the lesson plans. You roll out the rules. Mimir gets the grading done.

Comprehension Analytics

Watch the data get crunched, so you can track any group, any individual’s progress anytime. Quarterback your expertise exactly where it’s needed most.

Plagiarism Checking

Track each student’s code thru evolving algorithms, with real time, immediate notice if any fishy sails by.

Project Library

Bring your own curriculum and projects. Keep them private. Share with all. Your choice. Or browse an extensive public library of projects you can access anytime.

Extensive Support & Flexibility

Bring your lessons in java, C, C++, Scala, R, COBOL, Python, Assembly, and more than 40 other languages or frameworks.

LMS Integrations

Integrate Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and more. Have a special request, shoot us a note.