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Extensive Programming Paradigms Support

We wanted Mimir Classroom to be the one stop shop for all your Computer Science courses so we built out support from low level languages like COBOL & ARM Assembly to frameworks like Ruby on Rails and databases like Postgres. The Engineering Team at Mimir has also historically been able to add support for new languages within 24 hours.


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Mimir IDE

With Mimir Classroom being a 100% cloud hosted solution, we now feature an online IDE for all users, usable directly from the browser. The Mimir IDE allows for utmost flexibility and provides its users full sudo privileges. In addition to students doing their work on the IDE, instructors can also open and run any submission at any time.

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Instant Results & Integrated Review

To date, Mimir Classroom has graded millions of code files across thousands of projects. Our advanced compiler system is able to scale on demand and provide results within seconds of submission. The submission viewing interface, shown here, makes it extremely easy to browse the history of submissions alongside the grading results. Also included are integrated review tools that allow instructors and students to have a dialog directly about their code.

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