Course Management

Mimir has all of tools you need to successfully run a course.

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From integrated gradebooks with easy-to-use exporting and a TA management system to reusable content and LMS integrations, Mimir makes it painless for you to use our software alongside your existing workflows.

Integrated Gradebook

Always view up-to-date grades within Mimir Classroom and easily export them into other tools or systems. We can even automatically sync with a few third party tools.

TA System

Mimir Classroom will free up your TAs to spend more one on one time with your students rather than sitting in the backroom grading. It's important for TAs to have access to submissions on Mimir so like instructor accounts, TA accounts are always free.

Student Management

Easily manage student on Mimir Classroom with our course view. We also generate individual student profile so you can quickly review a student’s work before you meet them for office hours.


Teach multiple sections of the same course? No problem! Easily divide students and manage assignments by section on Mimir Classroom.


Any piece of content or even entire courses on Mimir Classroom can be cloned. This makes getting up and running for your next semester very easy.

LMS Integrations

Mimir Classroom integrates into most Learning Management Systems including Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle.

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