Identify, vet, and evaluate at every phase of the hiring process.

Available Spring 2018

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Designed to help every member of the hiring process.


Mimir Interview allows
recruiters to quickly build stronger candidate funnels.

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Hiring Managers

Mimir Interview prevents expensive hiring mistakes
and processes.

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Software Engineers

Mimir Interview offers
engineers a way to show
off their workflow.

For years we've been automating and grading computer science projects and assignments.

These experiences lent to
Mimir Interview; a platform to evaluate candidates with technical assessments and projects that meld to profiles within applicant tracking systems. Mimir Interview allows for the scaling computer science roles in the workplace.

Prahasith Veluvolu
Co-Founder & CEO

Identify, vet, and evaluate
at every phase of the hiring process
with Mimir Interview.

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Recruiters, gone are the days where you…

  • Struggle to find vetted, qualified candidates into your job funnel.
  • Worry about technically validating a software engineer’s true skill level.
  • Allow poor interview feedback scores from software engineers soil your credibility.

With Mimir Interview, recruiters can now…

  • Share more qualified candidates and get better at targeting the right profiles.
  • Share the process and tools candidates used for problem solving with hiring managers via playback functionalities.
  • Pair an equally impressive technical assessment to the rest of your hiring efforts.

Hiring Managers,
get ready to...

  • Benchmark candidate skill levels against a target profile to save your engineering time reviewing assessments that are hard to evaluate.
  • Replay and share a candidate’s work flow process and tools used.
  • Instantly collaborate with others on the team and share feedback with recruiters so they can remain agile in advancing candidates.
  • Keep the confidence of your team by avoiding expensive fires and poor hires.

Features that you'll love...

ATS Integrations

Send assessments directly from your ATS. We currently support Greenhouse and Lever.

Public Library

Get started in less than 30 mins with our collection of validated assessments.

Custom Assessments

Customize every part of your assessments so they fit your company's needs.

40+ Languages

With our selection of languages you can evaluate candidates for all of your positions.

Improved Targeting

Target qualified candidates with our performance reports and insights.

Real-Time Updates

Stay up-to-date whenever assessments are sent, candidates work, or coworkers review.


Measure candidates against your own company or industry standards.

Collaborative Review

Effortlessly share assessments with your coworkers for review.

Code Playback

Watch the process of a candidate working through a code problem.

Take Home

Candidates can complete assessments using the tools they use everyday.

Screen Recording

Watch recording of candidates working with the tools they love.

Mobile Responsive

Track statuses and updates on assessments anywhere you go.