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Mimir Classroom Saves You Days of Time grading so you can spend your time on what you care about the most. Use the inputs below to calculate the hours you’ll save using Mimir.

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Who owns the content on Mimir Classroom?

The author of the content in question owns the content. If you create a lesson, assignment, project, etc... on Mimir Classroom, you own it.

Can I purchase any number of student licenses or do I need to buy them in sets?

We belive in fair pricing, you will be able to buy exactly the number of licenses you need.

Will the pricing change?

Yes but downwards. As we scale we will be able to deliver Mimir Classroom for a lower cost.

I have more questions, how can I get help?

Booking one of our demos is the best way to learn about Mimir Classroom but if you have a quick question click the bubble on the bottom right of the screen.

Do you offer a student self-pay option?

Yes we do. When getting you setup on Mimir Classroom, we can explain how all the payment options work. We also offer physical code cards that we can ship to your bookstore for no additional cost.

How do I get started with Mimir Classroom?

Book a 15 minute demo with us and we can get you setup!

What if my student’s take multiple courses on Mimir?

We want students to be able to take as many courses on Mimir as possible, that’s why each additional course is only $10 per semester.

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